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The City of Peekskill Youth Bureau and Peekskill City School District Collaborate on Hass’ Way Suspension Program

Peekskill, N.Y. (March 13, 2019) – The City of Peekskill Youth Bureau and Peekskill City School District recently celebrated a new joint venture that addresses school suspension. The Hass’ Way program, now held at the Youth Bureau, provides tutoring and counseling to middle and high school students who have received an out-of-school suspension in an effort to equip them with effective strategies for social and academic achievement.

“This collaboration is an opportunity to support and strengthen our students by developing a successful partnership with the school district,” said Tuesday Paige McDonald, Executive Director of the Peekskill Youth Bureau. “There is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to student success, so we have brought our resources together to improve student achievement and positive youth development.”

Suspensions alone do not address why poor choices are made. The goal of Hass’ Way is to enable students to return to their regular classes having gained additional tools for academic and social success, including a more positive attitude towards school. In addition to their regular course study, students will be exposed to guest speakers and also learn about careers and self-reflection. The ultimate goal is high school graduation. 

“By working together on enhancing our Hass’ Way program, it’s a win-win for Peekskill Schools and the Youth Bureau,” said Peekskill Superintendent Dr. David Mauricio. “Our students now have the opportunity for four additional hours of study daily. By starting the day with a free warm meal, we aim to provide students with the resources they need to stay focused on the program’s coursework throughout their time at the Youth Bureau.” 

The Hass’ Way program operates at the Peekskill Youth Bureau four days per week, Monday through Thursday, from 12:00pm – 6:00pm. All classes are taught by certified content-area teachers. 

Dr. Mauricio continued, “By combining our resources, we were able to provide these enhanced benefits to students at no additional cost to either party. It took the teamwork of many dedicated individuals to make this happen. I’m excited for our Hass’ Way students to see these enhancements and that we are supporting their education as a community. ” 

“There are so many great things happening in the City of Peekskill – especially for our children,” said City of Peekskill Mayor Andre Rainey. “The Hass’ Way initiative is bringing more, necessary resources to students when they need it the most.”

The City of Peekskill is located at 840 Main Street in Peekskill, NY and can be reached at 914-737-3400 or by visiting

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