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Stand Up Peekskill!

What a grand day it was for the City of Peekskill NY, as their Central Fire Station at the Corner of S. Broad and Main St had it’s Ribbon Cutting Ceremony. It was a cold December morning, but those who attended forgot about and embraced the cold for this historical moment. 

Everyone from Present Mayor Andre Rainey, to Past Mayors, Mary Foster, John Testa, and Frank Catalina. Peekskill City Councilman Colin Smith and Councilwoman Vanesa Agudelo, Westchester County Executive Ken Jenkins, Peekskill Youth Bureau Director, Tuesday Page McDonald, City Of Peekskill Judge Reginald J. Johnson were also in attendance. The construction workers, our great Firefighters, Police Officers, City, and State Officials, City Of Peeskill School District and most importantly, the residents of Peekskill all came out to celebrate this joyous and momentous moment. Tis the season to be jolly and jolly it was!

Our Mayor Andre Rainey delivered a powerful speech. His voice echoed the strength of his words. He thanks those during and before his time for this joint effort on making this Central Fire Station happen. “Great accomplishments come from those who see the future. This project started during Testa’s administration, continued through funding ideas of Foster’s administration, began construction during Catalina’s administration and is completed during my administration.” He said. He went on to thank the construction works because he recognized that everyone mattered and played a role in making this a reality.  The celebration continued outside with the ribbon cutting, as everyone was invited to stand behind the red ribbon, as our Mayor stated, “it takes a village,” before cutting the ribbon. After the cutting, everyone was invited inside to take a tour of our great Fire Station and Photo Ops. It was a spectacular day as everyone united as one.

Photos by Butterfli Tia

Writer: Butterfli Tia 


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