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News: We Salute You Andrew Lu

It was just a few days ago that we were slammed with what some considered to be one of the worst snow storms we’ve seen in a long time. No one expected the speed and force with which it came and because of that, many people got stuck on the road, at work or just couldn’t move from wherever they were. If you were one of those people, then I’m sure would want someone like this young man by your side. 
We would like to give a special thanks to ANDREW LU, for his selfless acts of kindness during the storm this past Thursday. While others were trying to get home or indoors away from all the dangers and chaos, Andrew was working tirelessly helping people who were stuck to get home safely to their families or to wherever they were going.  
Fortunately, I put my winter tires on last night, so I had no problems getting around. Just spent about 2 hours helping push cars up route 6 at the main intersection at the top of the hill. Was headed to Home-depot when I saw dozens upon dozens of cars stopped and one state trooper and one fireman by themselves pushing cars, so I just had to stop and help. About 4 more people ended up pitching in and helped get stranded cars up the hill.  We must have cleared at least a hundred cars. All good now, but be careful driving!
Thanks, everyone, but I’m no hero, just would do what I would hope anyone else would do if I was stranded. I’d like to find the real heroes: the firefighter and trooper that initially stopped and helped out; those guys deserve some real applause.

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