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News: Shout Out To Officer McGovern

Whether it’s human or chicken, it’s still saving a life! Our Neighbor, Ossining Police Officer McGovern did just that. He did what he was trained to do. Not caring about being laughed at, he went straight into action when duty called. 
Hats off to you Officer McGovern!
Excerpt from the Ossining Police Department Page
Somewhere around the first day of field training some salty cop usually hits you with, “Kid, you wouldn’t believe what goes on around here if I told you.” Saturday, Officer McGovern has his “Ah Ha” moment. 
Dispatched to a reported fire, he found himself faced with a fully involved shed, adjacent to a residential property. He smartly removed a couple of propane tanks before they could compound the danger and swiftly went on to rescue… a chicken. Now, it’s not that we don’t love chickens. They’re just fine and certainly deserve our assistance. It’s just that if you ever wanted to get a hard time from your coworkers, be a hero… to a chicken. 
Congratulations, Officer McGovern. Since the “Lifesaving Award” doesn’t specifically prohibit the subject of your bravery from being poultry, we will put you in for an award because, well, this is a story that’s too good to let go of.

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