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News:This Beautiful City Of Peekskill

Written by Butterfli Tia 
Welcome to the friendly City Of Peeskill, NY which sits along the Hudson River, upper Westchester County and neighbor to Putnam County. If you’re driving on Route 9, do get off at the South or Main St exit. As you may know, every city or town has its Main Street, Downtown area and we are no different.
On the Main, you’ll find some very important offices. We have the Kiley Center, for children which assist with after-school activities, basketball and so much more. This is a place children look forward to going and for some, it’s an escape from home or the streets. They also have the Youth Bureau, which helps teens with summer jobs. Right at the corner of Main St and Nelson Ave, 840 Main St. to be exact you’ll find City Hall. Right across the street is the Peekskill Library, along with the City Court and Police Station. If you love to read, take a stroll into the library, which also offers GED and other classes.
Main Street is a diverse mix of culture. There are restaurants of all kinds to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a quick bite or a sit and dine, you’ll find Jamaican, Spanish, Mexican, American, and Delis. The Peekskill Health Center and Salvation Army can be found right along Main St as well as Westchester Community College which is at the corner of North Division & Main St. Nestled at the corner of S. Broad Street and Main, you’ll find the beautiful, newly built Fire Station, which is across from the Social Security Administration office and Walgreens. In the same shopping center as the Fire Station, you’ll also a few wonderful stores with lots to offer and plenty of parking.
Join us on this journey as we share our beautiful City with you. There’s so much more to share! 
  Writer: Butterfli Tia 

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