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News: Free Healthy Senegalese Cooking Class

Written by Nat’elege Wilson  
The holiday season is upon us and filled with activities and joy. Let us take a moment to spend some time with ourselves and our children and not get caught up in the web of gifts and things. 
I am proud to announce the Peekskill’s Women in NAACP Committee has partnered with New York Presbyterian Hudson Valley Hospital to offer you an amazing opportunity.  
Our goal with this cooking class is to establish a relationship between parent and child, an organization and its community and a need with a resource. We would like to facilitate better relationships between families and the community.  
This class is open to NAACP-Peekskill area Chapter members as well as anyone from the community who have a teen child that they would like to share this moment with. It’s a fun cooking class where attendees will learn how to prepare, and cook an authentic Senegalese dish with the assistance of a chef. Because I have taken this class before, I can tell you first hand that it’s a lot of fun and I don’t know who doesn’t like to eat.
We only have slots left to accommodate 4 more parents and 4 more youth. Please reach out to me directly if you or someone you know might be interested in attending. We may have these slots filled already, but in the event, someone does not confirm, slots might be available. Class size is limited, but we plan on having more events like this, so stay tuned.
Chair, Peekskill Women in NAACP

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