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Man Exonerated of Rape & Murder Receives Law Degree

Congratulations to Jeffrey Deskovic on his graduation. We at The Peekskill Ledger are proud of him. He is truly an overcomer and is deserving of his Conquest Award from the Unlabelled Awards which takes place in New York City in September 2019. What an amazing story!

Back in 1990, Deskovic was convicted of raping and killing one of his classmates, Angela Correa while still in high school. Deskovic is now 46 and was released because he did not commit the crime. But he did serve 16 years in prison and was only freed when the Innocence Project proved that the DNA of another man, Steve Cunningham, was on Correa’s body.

The perpetrator Cunningham had gone on to kill someone else while Deskovic wrongfully served time for the Correa murder and rape.

Lawyers helped Deskovic get his life back, and that change inspired him to become an attorney himself.


Source: WPIX 11 New York

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