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Dunbar Heights Christmas Dinner

While Many were unwrapping gifts with family and friends, some very special folks took the time out to help those in need on Christmas day. 

Being under the weather, I knew I still had to get up and get out for this worthy cause. I got up, got dressed and drive to the location that was given to me. While parking I noticed a gentleman and another person removing a large number of pizza boxes and more from his SUV, upon realizing we’re both here for the same reasons, we proceeded to walk and converse with each other. I finally found out that he was the owner of Nonna’s Pizza Restaurant at the Beach Shopping Center in Peekskill, NY. As we spoke he told to me, he had not baked a pizza on Christmas day in many years, but for this cause, he didn’t think twice. With the passion in his voice and the light in his eyes, I knew I had made the right decision to come out. After all, it’s the spirit of giving!

Upon entering the location, we were greeted with smiles, waves of laughter, hugs and some really delicious foods. Mayor Rainey, The Peekskill Youth Bureau, Volunteers, and others gathered to help the residents of Dunbar Heights who were without gas and unable to warm their meals. This was a festive Christmas gathering for all. 

Writer: Butterfli Tia 

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